Chang Loon Acclaimed Topped Wrench Supplier from Taiwan

Colored ring embedded in heads have proven to be a successful design of Chang Loon’s ratchet box-end wrenches.

With over 40 years of experience, Chang Loon Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading Taiwanese supplier of ratchet wrenches, gear wrenches and embedded its color ring trademark on the box end of the wrench. Please identify the red, blue, yellow, and orange color ring trademark when purchasing the ratchet wrench products.

This innovative, distinctive design has proved a great success since launched in 2004 for it allows users to identify which measurement unit (metric or imperial) of a wrench's size is in with incredible ease and efficiency, to say nothing of adding the additional charm to wrenches with the colorful embedded rings.

General manager Chih-ming Chang said, in order to allow users to operate easily in a narrow space, Chang Loon has developed a 100-tooth ratchet wrench with 3.6 degrees at each turn to attain effortless operation and torque accuracy which has made breakthroughs in production technology around the world. The flexible use of small backlash has considerable advantages in the car repair industry or other industrial repairs. The product also applies for patents for overseas marketing.

Chang Loon’s 100-tooth gear wrench features each turn at surefire 3.6 degrees to attain effortless operation and torque accuracy.

In response to the rising trend of product materials, Chang Loon adopted innovative raw material applications, improving and updating production equipment, reducing production costs, paying special attention to product quality during the production process, developing a series of "new ultra-thin head ratchet wrenches", and manufacturing multi-functional ratchet wrenches which provide higher rated torque and stronger structure and can be used in professional car repair tools.

The company has been established for more than 40 years, providing a range of ratchet wrenches, using advanced testing instruments, including precision projection instruments and tension testers, to ensure that quality control standards are met, and production also meets international standards, such as ANSI and DIN.

In order to enhance the overall added value and meet the needs of retailers, Chang loon even shipped related series of products and provided complete packaging, allowing the goods to be exported directly to foreign countries for sale, saving product shelf display costs, saving time and effort, and registering patent trademarks ProRatchet®'s own brand has become an excellent professional foundry for major international brands OEM and ODM, and is well-known internationally.

For more information, please visit their official website:, and contact by telephone +886-4-7688568.