Chang Loon Diversifies Wrenches with Patented Color Rings

■Kuo Fang-lin

Chang Loon Industrial Co. Ltd., is a professional maker of wrenches, gear wrenches, related tools and accessories, having made a name for itself by focusing on two industries: DIY hardware tools and automotive repair tools.

Since 2004, Chang Loon has included its color ring trademark coming in red, blue, yellow and orange on the box end of the wrench. Please identify the red /blue/ yellow/orange color ring trademark when purchasing the ratchet wrench products.

A company representative pointed out that the firm maintains rigorous, strict control over its production system and quality inspection, turning Chang Loon into the best OEM/ODM hand tool manufacturer for foreign-bound orders. Much of their products already adhere international standards, for example, ANSI and DIN. Since beginning its business in 1978, Chang Loon's 40 years experience in the industry has been passed down for two generations and eventually rolling out its own registered trademark under “ProRatchet®,” the firm has become the go-to OEM brand among international companies thanks to its professional manufacturing prowess. For more information, contact Chang Loon by phone at 886-4-768-8568 or through their website at

Chang Loon’s trademark ColorRing come in red, blue, yellow and orange to brighten up standard wrenches. (photo courtesy of Chang Loon)