Chang Loon Industrial Co., Ltd.--Ratchet Wrench, Auto repair tools, Pro Ratchet Wrench

A specialized manufacturer of wrenches and other hand tools in Taiwan, Chang Loon Industrial Co. has just launched a new ratchet wrench with enhanced precision and utility, to underline its strong commitment to continuous improvements of functionality and quality.

Made of high-quality steel with Chang Loon's time-tested techniques and undergoing special thermal treatment, the ratchet wrench highlights higher torque, stronger structural durability and longer lifespan than competing models. Plus, its ergonomic handle and light weight ensure users not just a comfortable grip, but greatly reduced fatigue when they use the tool.

Moreover, a fine 100-tooth ratchet is built into the tool, with each small turn moving precisely through only 3.6 degrees. Compared to a conventional 72-tooth ratchet mechanism that generally calls for a 5-degree turn to complete an operating cycle, the improvement, which underscores even smaller backlash, achieved by Chang Loon's consummate metalworking skills, makes the wrench easier to use in confined spaces and more efficient and effort-saving.

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