Chang Loon Industrial Co., Ltd.--Ratchet wrenches, ratchet spanners, spanners, bolt cutters

Founded in 1978, Chang Loon Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of Taiwan's best-known suppliers globally of wrenches and spanners, mostly thanks to its decades-long dedication to R&D and quality.

This manufacturer has been dedicated to making wrenches and spanners meeting international standards, such as ANSI and DIN, and today is Taiwan's largest supplier of ratchet wrenches by annual export volume. Over the past three decades, the company's products have been sought-after by professional buyers and box-type wholesalers from the U.S. and Europe, with most supplied on an OEM (original equipment manufacturing), with some marketed under its ProRatchet® brand.

It is safe to say devotion to R&D is the formula of Chang Loon's current success. The company claims that every new product development project could be the most important event obligating each management and supervisors to join. The organization culture effectively shortens the R&D span and, above all, secures production feasibility and marketability of the new product, mainly because their experience and dedicated participation enrich the company's R&D momentum.

One achievement following the maker's efforts on R&D is the colored ring embossed on the head of its wrenches, which clearly shows the size of the wrench in Imperial or metric units to prevent users from wasting time searching for wrenches with sizes they need to enhance working efficiency. This design is sought-after in the U.S., where both measurements are prevailing, and has been adopted by some OEM customers in Europe to build recognizable links between wrenches they sell and their company names.