Constant R&D Boosts Chang Loon's Reputation as a Wrench Maker--Wrenches developed based on feedback from professionals

Chang Loon Industrial Co. has been one of Taiwan's leading wrench makers and exporters for decades and is now known all over the world, thanks largely to its long-term devotion to R&D.

The company began life as an OEM (original equipment manufacturing) supplier of low-end tools in 1978 in the central Taiwan county of Changhua, and gradually narrowed its focus to ratchet wrenches and bolt cutters.

Today the firm's product line consists of bolt cutters, conventional cutters, gear wrenches, 72-teeth ratcheting combination wrenches, special snips for aircraft and ships, pliers, pipe wrenches, oil filter wrenches, and power tools, all made of high-quality steel alloy sourced locally and processed in line with the ISO 9001:2008 system as well as international standards such as ANSI and DIN. The company is capable of turning out 1.2 million wrenches of various specifications and sizes every month.

With over 30 years of experience, Chang Loon has built up a solid reputation among buyers as a trustworthy, competent veteran supplier whose products are sold in Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Canada, and the U.S. In addition to OEM, the products are also available on an ODM (original design manufacturing) and OBM (original brand manufacturing) basis.

Chang Loon offers a wide variety of wrenches for both DIY users and professionals.

R&D Participation

The company's chairman, Chang Chih-ming, explained that his managers and supervisors are required to participate in every stage of R&D projects. Their extensive discussions with R&D engineers guarantee that new products will be developed in line with the latest trends.

In addition to testing with inspection machines, Chang Loon insists on having its newly developed products used by professionals so that their rough edges can be smoothed out based on feedback from the trial users. Only when a product has been perfected is it considered ready to be put on retailers' display shelves. This is a costly and time-consuming process, but it pays off in the way that buyers praise Chang Loon's products.

Chang Loon’s wrenches are made in line with ISO 9001 requirements and meet DIN standards.

High-profile Products

Chang Loon's fine-tuning process, as described above, has enabled the company to incorporate a surefooted ratcheting mechanism into the 72-teeth ratchet wrench that is the hottest seller of all the firm's products. The mechanism allows turns in precise 5-degree segments, suiting the wrench suitable for use in very narrow spaces.

Also, the structure of the wrench has been improved so that it outperforms competing models in terms of light weight, torque force, and durability; in other words, the wrench is friendly to people who have to use it for a long time for professional purposes like auto repair, plumbing, and machine maintenance.

The company is also proud of its internationally patented 3-in-1 bolt cutter, which features a serrated cutting edge that enables the cutter to firmly grab and efficiently cut round bolts. To reinforce the tool's cutting capacity and structural durability, the company uses heat treatment to finish the upper sides of its two arms instead of merely painting them, as most other manufacturers do.

Developed to meet increasing need for easy-to-use, multifunctional tools, the cutter is able to cut wires, bolts and cables and hence can lighten user's load, as they have no need to carry other tools when working.

This latest 3-in-1 bolt cutter is just one result of Chang Loon’s constant R&D effort.

Value-added Packaging

In addition, Chang Loon constantly works on packaging design to enhance the marketability of its tools. Chairman Chang stressed that his R&D division periodically turns to fashion styling and the latest information to develop new packages with better visual appeal. Also, the company makes widespread use of environmentally-friendly materials in designing material-stingy packages that help retailers gain consumer approval.

Its unstinting R&D efforts have rewarded Chang Loon with sustained business development, Chang said. In many cases R&D is a long-term and dynamic process that leads not only to the improvement of product quality but also to better packaging design and the expression of the company's innovations. Chang religiously believes that even a well-developed brand may quickly decline and disappear unless it focuses on R&D. This belief is, in fact, the backbone of the company and the foundation of its success as a wrench manufacturer.