Chang Loon Forges Reputation with ProRatchet Hand Tools

Strict R&D, innovation help company stand out from the rest

Chang Loon concentrates on R&D to develop the most practical and efficient wrenches for users.

With some three decades of experience in developing and manufacturing hand tools, Chang Loon Industrial Co. prides itself on offering professional-grade ratchet wrenches and bolt cutters along with other innovative and patented products that meet the ever-changing market demands.

Its long-term effort to develop innovative items has set Chang Loon apart from its counterparts in emerging countries, and its innovative capability has helped it acquire a reputation as one of Taiwan's best wrench makers while boosting its image and sales in the international marketplace.

Chang Loon, headquartered in Changhua County, central Taiwan, began business as a maker of inexpensive hand tools on the OEM (original equipment manufacturing) basis in 1978. Since then it has accumulated strong manufacturing and metalworking skills; and now, after years of continuous improvement in its production capability, the company is capable of turning out middle- to high-end wrenches with designs, specifications, and torque ratings that measure up to international standards such as ANSI and DIN.

Marketed globally under the ‘ProRatchet' and ‘High Tensile' brands, Chang Loon's products are designed to have greater user-friendliness, safety, and labor-efficiency than their counterparts. The company's catalogs also include professional-grade ratchet wrenches, 3-in-1 cutters, and aluminum-alloy bolt cutters that are patented in Taiwan, Southeast Asia, the U.S., and Europe.

Chang Loon claims that each of its wrenches has a stronger structure and better performance than competing models.

Well aware that technological upgrading and global expansion are the keys to enhanced corporate value and sustained competitiveness, company president Chang Chung-hsing employs the latest processing technologies and concepts from Japan and other advanced countries to develop new items in-house. Its concentration on high-quality products has helped the company to expand overseas during the past few years, and its major export markets now include Southeast Asia, Central and South America, Canada, the U.S., and Europe.

At present, Chang Loon's most popular products are bolt cutters, gear wrenches, Pro gear wrenches, 72-tooth ratcheting combination wrenches, tin ship/aviation snips, universal grip pliers, combination ratchet wrenches, universal wrench/pipe wrench/oil filter wrenches, pliers, other wrenches, tin snip/aviation snips, and hand and power tools.

Star Product

Among the company's star function-oriented tools is its ratchet wrench series, made of chrome vanadium and hot drop-forged and heat-treated for prolonged life and good appearance. But the most noteworthy feature that has been built into the tool, and one that sets it apart from the competition, is a precise, practical 72-tooth ratchet mechanism.

Each small turn of the wrench moves precisely through five degrees, making it perfect for work on jobs in narrow spaces such as auto repair and construction and plumbing work. In addition, the improved 72-tooth ratchet also makes the wrench more efficient and less energy-consuming.

More practicality is added by a highly sophisticated structural design and the extremely precise tolerance that is built into the ratchet, a feature that allows users to work from one cycle to the next efficiently. The recognition of quality that foreign buyers afford this wrench has helped boost Chang Loon to a leading position in its sector in Taiwan.

Chang Loon boasts that it has survived and prospered by devoting itself wholeheartedly to R&D and hammering out standard operating procedures to maintain consistent quality for all its products.

The company says that strict attention to packaging design is one of the decisive factors in the success of its R&D strategy. It can offer ready-to-display packaging options to buyers as one of its value-added services; in many cases, in fact, clients decide to place orders with Chang Loon because of the attractive appearance and functionality of its packaging design.

For instance, one of the most popular packaging solutions that Chang Loon provides is transparent packaging that exposes each wrench—and its quality—to the eyes of consumers. The eco-sensitive company is also notable for offering packaging boxes that are made of recycled paperboard and are very material-stingy, which is much appreciated by European buyers. This strategy has opened a new window for Chang Loon in the promotion of its high-quality hand tools worldwide.

Never satisfied with its current success, Chang Loon is committed to the constant upgrading of its product quality and the provision of total hand-tool solutions while tapping into ever-more-advanced technology.