Chang Loon Industrial Co., Ltd.--Wrenches, ratchet wrenches, bolt cutters

Chang Loon Industrial Co., Ltd., founded in 1978 to make low-end tools in Taiwan's central county of Changhua, has developed into one of the leading hand tool makers on the island following over 30 years of strenuous efforts in product and production improvement.

The company offers a wide range of hand tools, including bolt cutters, conventional cutters, 72-teeth ratchet combination wrenches, gear wrenches, specialized snips for aeronautic and marine applications, pliers, pipe wrenches, oil filter wrenches and power tools. All these products are compliant with major international standards, including ANSI and DIN. The company is now Taiwan's largest wrench exporter by annual volume.

Success of Chang Loon is buoyed by its excellent R&D capability. The company's Pro-ratchet series of professional gear wrenches are one of the company's most innovative product lines, which are designed with 72 notches in a circle to allow a minimum swing angle of five degrees. This makes the wrenches perfect for use in narrow workplaces for repairing automobiles and working on pipes and household appliances. (SC)

Chang Loon Industrial Co., Ltd.
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