Loyalty to R&D Puts Chang Loon Atop Taiwan's Hand Tool Industry

Size unfortunately does matter even in the hand tool making and exporting business: skilled but modest-scaled makers in Taiwan sometimes find themselves rowing upstream to capture bigger market shares or outdo rivals globally; however, Chang Loon Industrial Co., Ltd., with a workforce of only 70 in its 6,000-square-meter plant, has proven to the world hand tool market of the truth in the adage "quality prevails quantity." Its long-term dedication to R&D has enabled the firm to offset disadvantages related to its small-size, instead driving the supplier to become a force to be reckoned with in the field.

Chang Loon, since its establishment in 1978 in the central Taiwan county of Changhua, has been focused on developing, making hand tools for about 30 years. Starting as a maker of low-end hand tools on an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) basis, the company has accumulated considerable know-how in metalworking as a seasoned hand tool maker on the island.

Realizing that only by staying focused on building quality products can the firm compete globally, Chang Loon has invested ample time and money to improve production capability, with such effort having paid off: the company is now widely recognized among international buyers for turning out high-quality gear wrenches and bolt cutters, which meet international standards as ANSI and DIN, and outperform competing models in torque ratings and durability.

Mandatory Participation

Chang Loon's success in the global market as a quality tool supplier is closely linked to its devotion to R&D, a key process to strengthening product quality, innovation and competitiveness. The company says that every new product development project is seen as a mandatory event to be attended by managers and supervisors, with their active roles in such product development enriching Chang Loon's R&D resources.

Each hand tool features reinforced structure and better performance relative to competing models.

To make sure new products are developed to fully satisfy users, Chang Loon offers trial usages-fine-tuning, tweaking and rounding out rough edges according to user feedback and real-world experience. Such repetitive improvement enables the supplier to minimize imperfections and upgrade functionality, helping to develop new products as close to desirable levels before launch. The process may be costly but is worth it for earning client's trust in the degree of professionalism and dedication, according to the company.

Superior Ratchet Mechanism

Chang Loon's continual fine-tuning process makes its ratchet wrenches highly functional. All the company's ratchet wrenches are of high-grade chrome vanadium and hot drop-forged, heat treated for prolonged life and sharp finish. The key feature may be the built-in, precision 72-teeth ratchet mechanism, which called for significant time and resources to develop, that allows minor but surefooted turning, outperforming other competing models with inferior ratchet mechanisms.

This improved ratchet mechanism, each clicking or turn of the wrench precisely moves through five degrees, allows users to work in narrow spaces for excellent mechanical efficient and energy-saving. The company says that its ratchet wrenches are perfect for auto repairing, plumbing and machine maintenance. In short, Chang Loon's wrenches are very practical mainly for sophisticated structural design and extremely precise tolerance.

Chang Loon is Taiwan's biggest exporter of ratchet wrenches who is highly regarded worldwide.

Innovative Bolt Cutter

Another product that proves Chang Loon's dedication to R&D is the 3-in-1 bolt cutter, which has specially heat-treated upper sides of its two arms for reinforced structure to enable effective cutting. The serrated cutting edges, an innovative design that is multi-nationally patented, also enable the cutter to firmly grab and effectively cut even round bolts.

The bolt cutter is developed to be a lightweight hand tool-allowing users to easily cut, without resorting to other tools, wires, bolts and cables; while its 3-in-1 function and heat-treated body also help to enhance the tool's practicality and marketability.

The 3-in-1 bolt cutter with innovative features show the fruits of Chang Loon`s R&D.

Sold under its own brands, including Catch Leader, Gear Metal, and CHL, names that symbolize quality and innovation, the company's easy-to-use hand tools are well received worldwide. Chang Chih-ming, chairman of the company, stresses that his company and workers never neglect to continue build added-value into its branded products, because even a well-established brand may decline and disappear without being upgraded in terms of innovation and advancement.

With solid reputation and brand presence in Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Canada, and the U.S., Chang Loon attributes its achievement to persistent hard work and R&D. The company's leading role in the line has not been compromised by its relatively small size. Chang says that R&D is the backbone of his company's success, with unceasing devotion to such process being the sure way to stay competitive and fend off rivals who thrive on underseling in the global market.